Dedicated to contemporary art,  Galerie POLYSEMIE  in Marseille, works with artists from all over the world.
Whilst we represent artists who are well established in the current art scene, Polysémie favours young emerging artists who show great potential for future development.
 Galerie Polysemie takes care of artists belonging to « outsider art » universe (or art brut, art hors les normes, raw art, art singulier, art mediumnique, neuve intention…”
Our proposal is to continue our search for territories located at the source of creation with a selection of artists who work far from any limits with an absolute freedom regarding official culture.
We want to focus on this genuine creation which is an artistic expression of freedom, emerging from the imaginary and depth of artists who break out of the mould.
We want to focus on artists working in a unique dimension that permits to approach the borders of artistic expression in the purest way and develop reflection, on the essence of creativity and ambiguous relation between human beings and creativity.
We want to focus on artists that ignore techniques and materials that give life to a personal style ant to its own artistic vocabulary, completely outside cultural mainstream.
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Rideaux 2020

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